Become a Better Boss One Tip at a Time

February 6, 2017

I’ve never met Wally Bock face-to-face. We’ve been in and around the leadership world since I joined it in 2009. We’ve spoken a few times and have a number of common connections. He’s even helped me through some direct coaching on my writing, and through his long-tested Working Supervisor’s Support Kit and his Three Star Leadership Blog. He’s been making a difference coaching, writing and consulting on leadership and management for a number of years, long before I joined the community.

Wally just published his latest work, Become a Better Boss One Tip at a Time. The book contains over 300 practical tips for bosses, which he defines as those in a position of responsibility.

Take the right amount of time

It’s true that the world is moving faster and faster. But that doesn’t mean that you have to make every decision quickly. If you have time and taking longer will make things better, take the time you need. Wally Bock

Wally writes from real experience. He isn’t a tourist when it comes to being a boss. He’s a native.  A tourist visits but a native commits. A native changes and is changed by the surroundings and environment. Wally has lived his writing. There is a distinct difference in his writing and advice because he has lived middle-management rather than simply reading or studying it. And he’s done more than simply pass through. He studied, influenced, impacted and made a difference. He has “strived” in management, to use a term from a famous quote, sometimes coming up short and other times experiencing success.

become-a-better-boss-one-tip-at-a-time-coverThe benefit to us is that each Wally “nugget” is full of wisdom and experience. I simply started clicking around on the table of contents and searching for some keywords and 30 minutes was gone before I knew it. Each 2-5 sentence tip is crammed with wisdom from years of experience distilled into usable, actionable advice. The brevity of each tip challenges you to act. You will catch yourself asking how you can implement this tip right now.

I started thinking of all of the bosses and managers I know who could use a copy. Each page has practical wisdom and you will improve as a boss on day one. Click the image or this link and spend the money to get your own copy. Add it to your weekly or daily routine for a few days and become a better boss. You won’t be disappointed and you will improve. I hope you learn how to think about your responsibility as a boss and you create your own 300 tips that you can hand down to those who come behind you.