Thinking About Church

June 10, 2012

As a Christian, when you think about your church, what do you think of? Do you think of the place, the people, the singing, the preaching? Do you think about the activities, or the classes, retreats, “ministries?” (What is a ministry anyway?)

Do you think about the overseas or cross-cultural activities that members of your church community participate in? Maybe you think about a ministry to people in another country or people in your local area who are in prisons or hospitals or homeless shelters?

Or do you think about the kids, Sunday school, lesson plans or youth events? Do you think about people getting baptized or making changes in their lives? Do you think about people who leave their jobs, temporarily or permanently to “go into mission work?”

Some questions have come to me over and over in the 10 and a half years since 9/11. On September 11, 2001, I was busy in the pursuit of worldly success in a company that was trying to capture the wealth and potential of the telecommunications industry at that time. I had been a believing Christian for almost 14 years, but that day the eternal became much more real. There was much more going on in the world than just my job and my pursuit of money.

September 11 woke me to the idea that I had subordinated my dream to make a difference to my desire to improve my circumstances. I rationalized it by thoughts like “I can make a much bigger difference when I’m wealthy or when I’m the boss.” But in the weeks after 9/11, I realized that my time was short and if I was going to make a difference, it would be in my circumstances, within my present limitations. No more delaying until the time is right. “Now” is and always will be the right time to make a positive difference.

In my community, it seems few think of our jobs as a place where we can make a difference for eternity. We don’t see our jobs as where we go to serve others and proclaim the glory of Christ (my simple definition of a mission field). In my community, everyone acts pretty much like a Christian, so all of the really important work to make an eternal impact must be somewhere else. Generally, in my community, if you haven’t killed anyone or been jailed for anything, you’re probably a Christian so I don’t have to worry about you at all. Nope, I have to plan my next trip to wherever or go to the bake sale or fireworks store at my church to give my money to “missions.” There’s no significant work for me to do, unless I can take some time off work and go someplace else.

When I think of church, I think of the rest of us that go to work every day. We listen to the Pastor and we sing the songs, and we do the things we’re asked. I think of what we could do if we were organized and mobilized in our jobs. What if we went to work every day intent on giving our lives away in service to our co-workers just so they might see the love of Christ? I wonder what our world would look like if that group of people in every church were mobilized and equipped to show off Jesus in the workplace.

I’m convicted too, that I don’t do this very well. If you’ve ever worked with me you know it. That won’t keep me from trying again today. How about you? Let me know if I can help you in your mission field too. Here’s to action!

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    I’m in! It is tough during the daily grind to remember who we represent, especially when the tough jobs come up, the problems keep coming and and things start rolling downhill. Thank you for the encouragement,



    Hi Mike! I enjoyed this post a lot. I have been going to church for many years and currently attend a mega church, that is anything but traditional. I look around every week and wonder… Why do most of them come? We have somewhere around 10,000 members. Many come one or twice a month… Why? Why do they come if they don’t “do” anything. I think the Church, besides being the bride of Christ, is a place where people come… To be known… and to be known. They come to belong. We are al searching for that elusive something. Something we thought we would find in a career… or even a family… But come away knowing that there is something more. Church is a place where people come to find answers, and some do!



      John, thanks for commenting. It’s a bit of a cycle to me. I have this football analogy rolling around in my brain. In my part of the world, Sunday IS what church is. But I think Sunday is the huddle. If we never break huddle and run a play, we never play the game.

      Thanks again, Mike…



    When I think of church, I think of our home. The Bible is meant to be lived everyday and at every moment. I mentioned home because we have Bible fellowship within our home and we strive to give God the Glory at all times.

    God is omnipresent and he is in every moment. He is in this moment as you read my comment. We can do nothing about the moments of our past and very little about the moments in the future, but we have direct control of the present moment. Now is the time to take action and stand to be accountable. Give God the Glory Now! The Bible is not just for the times of when Church is having a service.

    Thanks for the call to action! Count me in. Anyone else?

    God Bless!



      Thanks for the great comment Bud. I just think we miss too much of what God has for us to do with the people we’re around most, those we work with. Mike…