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Plans and Provisions

May 30, 2012

Plans and Provisions | Mike Henry Sr.Check out Ephesians 1:3-14.  Paul goes into great detail about the riches God has bestowed on us. We have a wonderful inheritance in Christ and I totally disregard it, wanting the things of this world instead of the things God has already freely given.

Notice the tense. He:

v. 4 Chose us
v. 5 Predestined us to adoption
v. 6 freely bestowed His grace
v. 7 redeemed us
v. 8 lavished his grace on us
v. 9 made His will known to us
v. 11 gave us an inheritance (it appears here that Paul is saying that we were included in the family and plan of God. He has allowed us to be part of His plan.)
v. 14 gave us the down payment on our inheritance, the Holy Spirit.

Notice the interesting idea behind this passage?  It’s ALL PAST TENSE.

Father may I today appreciate your gifts to me.  May I remember Christ’s final words on the cross. “It is finished!”  You have given me a great provision.  May I not waste it!

How are you doing?  Do you consider the way God has provided for each of us once we’re in Christ?  What can you do today to live your life trusting the promises in this passage?

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