Faith in the Workplace Survey

The Christian Faith in the Workplace Survey is closed for voting. In the end we had 591 completed surveys. Some people expressed disappointment because the title didn’t contain the word “Christian” so I’ve tried to use that term when speaking about the survey. Our goal was to find out what people thought about people who practiced and shared about their Christian faith in the workplace.

The survey also served as research for a book I’m writing about how we follow Christ every day. I completed the manuscript, but it took a couple of months longer than I thought. I’m working with a coach and an editor to get it ready to publish.

Here are the posts that came out of the survey. Follow the blog to keep up with everything we post on this topic.  Thank you for your interest and participation.

Survey Results Part 1

Survey Results Part 2

On Mission – Survey Results Part 3

Would you like to be part of a new community of Christ-followers actively living their faith helping one another online and in person? We’re about to start looking for prayer partners and advisory board members as we launch this effort along with the book. To find out more, contact me.

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