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June 21, 2012

Michael Holmes (@michaelgholmes, web) has just published a new e-book titled Twitter Traffic Strategies, Top Tips from Top Christian Leaders.  The book contains some great insights from several Christians who are leaders and who are active in social media.  It also contains an article from me.  I’m honored to be included in this list of great ideas and great people and I hope you get the e-book and develop some ideas of your own about just being your-Christian-self in the social media world.

I also have a word of warning: be careful that you do things that are comfortable to you.  If you simply want to generate traffic to make money, you may or may not be successful.  However if you want to have an impact, you must be genuine and others-focused.  Be careful to avoid “using” material like this just for personal gain.  The true rewards of connecting with people, online or in person, last much longer than money. They’re rewards you get when you give more than you get, and when you help people who can’t help you back.  Those rewards can’t be taken away.

So, please check out the free ebook and go change the world for the better, every chance you get.