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Workplace Mission

Eric’s workplace mission was clearly defined when he participated in his Screen-Shot-2019-10-18-at-4.22.03-PM-300x294first Marketplace Mission trip. This unique opportunity was suggested by his boss, who asked him if he would like to join along with another coworker. Although he works as a consultant, he learned how his role serves as an opportunity to “be Jesus” in each workplace. Listen to this episode to hear how this unique mission trip has impacted him and those he works with.



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To Guess is Human

June 24, 2017

Do you ever catch yourself guessing the motives of someone else? Was your first answer “No”? Maybe we should think, and think again about how we guess the motives of others.

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I learned 3 important leadership lessons from the choices my Dad made in 1957. Face your challenges, don’t compromise and people matter.

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