We have to take the first step as though there were no God. It is no use to wait for God to help us, He will not; but immediately we arise we find He is there.

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Time for Me to Act

February 18, 2017 — Leave a comment

There comes a time when you just need to act. For quite a while, I’ve been challenged by a disconnect I perceive between my own faith and how I live my life. It’s time for a change.

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Wally Bock just released a wonderful new resource, Become a Better Boss, One Tip at a Time. It contains 300 tips to help anyone become a better boss. You’ll experience results almost instantly!

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Problems and Solutions

October 24, 2016

How bad are things? Does it seem we’re getting further and further out of control? Is our trouble escalating or are we simply focusing on the problems rather than the solutions?

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Living My Values

October 15, 2016

Every fall since I was young, I spent hours watching the NFL. I enjoy watching the game as it is played by the pros. However, this year, some people in the NFL gave me a reason to live my life differently… more aligned with my personal values. Thanks.

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The Leader’s Problem

July 25, 2016

The proof is in the purpose, or the problem. Whatever bugs you most may be a clue to your purpose as a leader. What’s your problem?

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Imperfect Leadership

July 21, 2016

Do you measure up? Do you ever catch yourself finding excuses for inaction? Striving for perfection can make us better or it can paralyze us.

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Pride Affects Leadership

July 18, 2016

Does pride affect how you lead? As a leader, what do you do to cause pride and what can you do to battle the pride hiding within your team?

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The Value of Vision

July 14, 2016

Vision is the miracle cure for many of our difficulties. A compelling vision pulls us through our circumstances, over and around our obstacles. What can a vision check do for you?

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Breaking News

July 10, 2016

Recent shootings in the US involving black people, minorities, and police have prompted many to comment, demonstrate and react. As an American, a voter and as a Christ-follower, I’m forced to consider my thoughts and actions too.

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