Prayer for Vicky

July 27, 2013

Would you do me a favor? I’m married to a great lady. To this day, I still wonder why she ever married me. She’s perceptive, persistent, strong and considerate. She always considers what’s best for others. She feels for others and thinks their thoughts. Strangers tell her personal stories all the time, and they don’t know why they’re doing it.

Vicky has juvenile-onset or Type 1 diabetes, a disease now believed to be an autoimmune disease – one caused by a malfunctioning autoimmune system. She’s had it 42 years. She has to wear an insulin pump and be conscious of her blood sugar levels all the time. According to the doctors, she’s not your normal juvenile-onset diabetic, either. Her blood sugar and her metabolism fluctuate widely with no apparent direct cause. Many doctors doubted that fact until they found out for themselves.

It’s a daily grind. She intensely dislikes the hassle and the expense. She hates it when her blood sugar climbs very high and she feels weak and nauseated. She also hates how when her blood sugar falls too low she can be irrational and we even have to call an ambulance from time to time.

About 8 years ago she started feeling pain in her joints. Doctors initially diagnosed it as Rheumatoid Arthritis, another autoimmune disease. In addition to the joint pain, she can have days where she has no strength; she’s simply weak and miserable. Over the last 8 years, doctors have prescribed increasingly new and radical drugs to treat the disease. For each one, either the drug was ineffective or after time Vicky would experience some side effect of the drug that would force her to eventually choose the pain of arthritis over the consequences of the drug. Each new drug brought weeks or months of struggling with new side effects, until the eventual resignation to the disease.

In the course of fighting these problems, we’ve also found a vitamin D deficiency, and she’s been treated for hyper-thyroid. She even had to have her gall-bladder removed. These last 8 years have been very difficult for her.

scan0001About 10 weeks ago, Vicky stopped taking the latest drug, a very new drug with paragraphs of warnings and risks. The drug simply made her more miserable than the arthritis did.  For a couple of weeks, Vicky felt better. But slowly the pain came back and so did the fatigue. As it did, discouragement set in. Here we go again.  It seems to be a paradox: if the Rheumatoid doesn’t kill her, the medicine will.

Weather contributes to her pain and fatigue too. The consequences of the arthritis are exacerbated by changes in the weather, which happens frequently in Oklahoma.

The net effect of all of this is that Vicky is very discouraged and very tired.

Would you please pray for my wife? Pray for her healing and for joy and strength dealing with all of this. Pray for us that we will believe God for what He can do and whatever He does. Pray that God will bless and heal Vicky.

Thank you. We know your prayers matter. God’s not making up His mind, but He allows us the opportunity to participate with Him in His work. We’re grateful for you.

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    Still in our prayers here…



    Mike, in our little corner of paradise today we hold the space for you and Vicky to be blessed with an abundance of conscious prayer. You set a shining example, and we honor that. We hold you both very cuddly in our prayers.



    Put in prayers for her, you, and the doctors.



    Mike – I’ll add her to our prayer list. Also, my wife is a registered dietitian and a certified diabetic instructor at the hospital where she works. She has a Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition. If you ever need any information or have a question, just let me know.

    Anyway, praying for your wife, you and your family.




    Done. ::BIG HUGS::



    The prayer has been made for Vicky’s healing. I’d also like to invite you to the church I attend. During our Sunday afternoon service, there is always an invitation given for prayer for healing according to the Bible. You are welcome to come at 2:00 Sunday to The Lighthouse Church, 1541 W 71st Street, Tulsa.



    She is in my prayer right now.



    I’ll have my small group pray for her also … we meet tonight!



    Ur story is really touching and we will pray for ur wife but she also has to believe that Jesus christ paid for her pains and her sickness. Ish 53:4-6 and by acknowledging wat Christ has already done it places you in a position of faith to receive from God. Rom 8:11 says we have the same spirit that raise Christ from the dead. When we submit to Him there will b no impossibilities.



    Hi Mike
    I’ve prayed for Vicky and I’m believing together with you for her complete healing in the name of Jesus