Update to the Prayer for Vicky

March 2, 2014

It’s been too long. Many of you even reached out to me to ask for an update before now.

Please don’t let the delay in my response communicate a lack of gratitude. We are grateful for your friendship and your prayers.  We know they matter.

scan0001God provides strength for Vicky every day. Some days she needs less strength and some she needs more. She’s been seeing a doctor who’s not covered by our insurance simply because we’re willing to try different things. We’ve also spent some time trying to eat more naturally. And she has noticed that some of the foods we routinely eat do cause her some grief.  That’s all been good.

So we continue and God continues and we are grateful for you if you continued. Please also feel free to let me know how we can pray for you. A cord of 3 strands is not easily broken.  Thank you for your connection, friendship and prayers.

2 responses to Update to the Prayer for Vicky


    Dear Mike and Vicky, Please know that you are both in my prayers.

    Thank you Lord for holding this faithful couple in your loving arms during the tough days and rejoicing with them on the good days! And thank you for Your scriptures that tell us You have engraved Mike and Vicky on the palm of your hands and will never leave nor forsake them. AMEN Isaiah 49:16 & Joshua 1:5.