Problems and Solutions

October 24, 2016

I hope we hit bottom soon. Have you noticed how often the news you hear is negative? How often are you proud of what you see on television or read in the news? Are you feeling confident about the next four years after the upcoming US election? Are you expecting anything hopeful and positive for the future under either a Republican or Democrat led congress or a with a Republican or Democrat in the White House?

Even more painful is the idea that each day, we turn on the news to “learn” about what’s going on. Have you realized the news media is the common denominator regarding most of the nation’s woes? Our local news is so focused on the local scene, that, in between commercials and weather forecasts, we hear about houses that burn and local people who were shot. Every story is a breaking story. It’s happening right now. Many times, the news person stays at the scene of the accident or shooting hours after everyone else has left so they can report “live from the scene!”

I wonder are things truly bad, or is the media better at attracting our attention?

Why are people just now remembering that Donald offended them or attacked them? Why are Hillary’s emails just now getting leaked? Is there any chance people are attempting to manipulate us?

Think about the people with whom you work and live. How many were shot yesterday? How many were groped by their boss? How many suffered a great catastrophe? Isn’t it true that most of what happened to you yesterday was good? You did your job, got your paycheck, had lunch with friends. Your coworkers did their jobs. People helped you. Someone probably brought your lunch to you or cooked it for you. People made things. Most of us went to work and came home yesterday without event. They didn’t get shot. They didn’t lose their job. They weren’t offended or violated.


I don’t want to make light of the problems of our world. They’ve always been there. Donald and Hillary and what we see on the news is the exception, not the rule. Please don’t focus on the problems and the exceptions. Conservative or liberal, remember the news media is trying to get your attention. Our world isn’t falling apart. And our government (or any other) isn’t going to solve our problems. Our most pervasive problems are that we focus on our problems and we think we need someone else to fix them.

We are the solution to our problems. Help someone tomorrow. If we all helped someone, we would have 6 billion fewer problems. Do something for someone tomorrow that can’t be explained. Just make something better.

You and I are the answer to someone’s problem. Live that. Repeat.

Note: The photo is an image of a favorite book on the topic. Check it out!