Make Every Day “Faith First”

December 2, 2017

“Mike’s insight and unique understanding of leadership issues are what drew me to get to know him better, but it was his faith and devotion to serving his Lord in the workplace that brought me to the belief that God had a specific purpose for his talents.  In my professional life I have utilized Mike as a consultant, councilor and advisor in areas of management and leadership; and in my personal life I have leaned on him for counsel and advice.  His belief that the Church is broader that a single congregation, and his commitment to building the Church by inspiring individuals to seek not only the Word, but also how to make every day and every relationship one of “faith first” is what makes be believe that he truly is following God’s purpose for his life.  I am a believer in what Mike is doing with FOLLOWER OF ONE, and I am inspired by him to be an active follower and witness in an everyday way.” Rodney Ray, former client and friend