Are you qualified to talk to others about Jesus? – Romans 7:25

May 13, 2021

We’re wrapping up another Marketplace Mission Trip as I record this. We’re about to start another one in less than 2 weeks. One friend on the trip felt that God was calling him to speak up in some way about his faith with a coworker. They weren’t close, except for this week. They’re consultants flown in to work on this project this week. At the very end, after praying all week, our brother got the nerve to offer something to the agnostic coworker. This bracelet was one of the gospel bracelets where each color represents a different facet of our faith. But he shared it without explanation. Then, the other person asked and he was given the chance to explain it. God prompted the other person to ask. We don’t have to be qualified. We have to be prepared.

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