Ministry and Service

January 9, 2020

He Calls Us to Serve Others

Ministry is not just for those who work full-time in the church. Jesus calls all of us to minister to His people. He calls us to serve others. By serving others as Jesus asked, are we not ministers in our workplaces and in all aspects of our lives? We need to be in that mindset, that ministry mindset. Let’s talk it over in this episode.

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2 responses to Ministry and Service


    My take away from this is absolutely to do this daily. Get up everyday and ask God to guide you to someone that you can help. That may be with a word of encouragement in a tough time, advice to solve a problem they are having, praying with someone a prayer you can believe will bring a break through in their situation, buying a coffee or cold drink, etc.



      Thanks for the comment, Leonard. I agree. For many, this is a difficult habit to start and keep. We have an enemy. But if we truly desire it, God will remind us and prompt us, just like you say. And over time, we build the habits. And almost every time we do remember to serve others, we experience God’s joy. Thanks again for the comment!