Every Choice Matters

March 27, 2017

Failing to choose is choosing not to act.

You always have a choice. We make hundreds of choices every day. When will we get up? What will we wear? Breakfast? Exercise? Floss? Some choices happen less often. When will I call Mom? Eat out? Vacation?

Even when change happens to us, we have a choice. We can choose our attitudes and our reactions. We can choose to impact our world for the better or we can binge watch. And we can give the least, go through the motions, shut up and get along.

Or not.

When I first chose to follow Jesus and read the Bible, I realized my earlier beliefs contradicted what the Bible teaches. Almost daily, I faced a choice to line my life up with the Bible or continue to filter its teaching through my historic common sense. My beliefs up to that time weren’t working all that well for me, so I continued to choose to line my life up with the bible. My only regrets were the places where I postponed the change. I knew God’s way was better for me, but I postponed the change.

Every Choice Matters | MikeHenrySr.comMy failure to choose was active rejection of God’s teaching. I chose not to follow. In some degree, because of my history, habits, experiences, and because of the things around me, I still fall short in some of the choices I make. But when I’m sane, I remember I have the power to choose. Jesus bought the split second I have between when I have a thought and when I take action. I can choose to line myself up with Him and His will or I can choose my way.

How about you? Do you ever catch yourself avoiding a choice or making a poor choice? What do you do? My prayer is that you would choose to line your life up with Jesus and remember choosing to act is always better than not choosing. The one mistake we can all avoid is the mistake of inaction.

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One response to Every Choice Matters

    LEONARD REITZ April 3, 2017 at 9:57 PM

    Good read about choices. One choice I have a real problem with in dealing with church people is applying Matt. 7:12 and Luke 6:31. The do unto others choices were a big deal to Jesus and should be for us. I know you put value in abiding in Him every day as I do. Isn’t that supposed to mean something to Christians ?