The Most Worthy Cause

June 2, 2016

Worthy Letters on Arrange Small Wooden Pieces

My last post was about spending our lives in a worthy cause. We each choose how we define worth. The thoughts below are my own. They are based on the things I’m learning to value. We discussed how “Why?” pointed at the past creates a victim mindset, but “Why?” pointed to the future gives us purpose. Our worthy cause is our purpose.

There is no more worthy cause than restoring mankind to a relationship with our Creator. I didn’t make that up. It was God’s idea. His ideas are always the most worthy cause in my judgment too. My judgment is based on how my life was changed when I decided to adopt a biblical view of living. I asked myself then and still do today. “What if what Jesus says is true? What if a holy, almighty God created me, in particular, on purpose?” Did I really break our relationship even before I understood the consequences?” I believe I did.
Therefore, I’m glad God chose to restore my relationship to him. I couldn’t do it. I’m dependent on him for the effort.

God’s ideas are always the most worthy cause.

But once the relationship is restored, my next question is, “What for?” Or stated as I did last week, “Why?” What was God’s purpose in restoring me? If it was simply to recreate the relationship, why didn’t he just take me to heaven? Why did he leave me here, at the same old job, with the same problems, finances, history and situation?

The only answer I can come up with is so I can take part in his work. I’m able to join him in his work. Because I’m willing to believe and then act, God gives me a role and empowers me in his cause. I follow Jesus, to whatever degree possible using the Bible and the Holy Spirit as my guide and God determines the impact.

If God saved me solely for a relationship with Him, why am I still here?

Unfortunately, I get distracted by my own selfishness, habits and history. Often I find myself either totally pursuing selfish objectives or whining about the fact that things aren’t going my way. Philippians 2:14 tells us to do all things without grumbling and disputing. In other words, God knows my tendencies and provides an answer. Just don’t do it.

When I’m conscious of God’s “Why?” I remember the purpose and the future. God has a purpose for me. When I consider his future-focused “Why?” I get the strength to turn from grumbling and disputing to enthusiasm and hope. I remember God is in control. He knows what will happen today and how. He understands why I’m here and what everyone is doing. He has a work for me to do in the things that are happening today and he doesn’t want me to grumble or dispute. I need to dare greatly and spend myself in his worthy cause.

I’m getting ready to launch a community of believers who help one another live our faith full-time. If you’d like to know more about being a part of that group, contact me here.

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