Faith in the Workplace Research Project

January 1, 2015

I often wonder what difference the Christian faith makes in the world today?  There is a global, macro question: What difference does faith make in world politics?  What difference does it make in the struggle between nations and ideologies?  And there is a personal, micro question: What difference does my Christian faith make in the life of people around me?  What do I do on any day, even this day, that will outlive me?  Can I do anything today that has any eternal relevance?  Do I do anything that makes an eternal impact?

2015 Project

DeathtoStock_Creative Community3For 2015, I’m undertaking a project to write a book.  The research phase of that project begins today with a new survey. The goal of this research is to understand attitudes about faith in daily life, especially in and around the workplace.  If all goes well, the feedback from this survey, along with some personal stories from people who agree to share, will go into a book I’m writing.

The book will be about how we can apply our faith daily in our personal world.  I’m not talking about how our faith changes us.  We seem so inwardly focused all the time already. This isn’t about whether you have a good quiet time or pray or attend church or tithe.  It’s about whether we can develop an attitude of being a servant to our friends and co-workers on a Monday through Saturday basis.  Can we apply our faith so that it makes the lives of people around us better?

Is Faith Relevant?

The goal of this effort is to challenge Christians to be more eternally relevant in daily life. Can we, individually, have a greater positive impact in the world.  That doesn’t mean that I hope to convert more people to faith or to even to attempt to convert them. I hope to encourage people to be their best in the world, regardless of their beliefs. I believe our best is what makes us influential, attractive, people others want to support.  Our best is where we have purpose and make a difference. But I also believe, as someone who follows Jesus, my best is tightly connected with my faith in Christ.  Therefore, my goal is that my personal faith would make a bigger positive difference in my corner of the world, and help anyone else with a similar goal.

Faith in the Workplace Survey

Here’s a link to the survey.  You can take it in as few as 5 minutes or it may take a little longer depending on the detail that you share.  The survey starts out asking a bit about your faith and then, based on your answers, it will ask you 5 or 6 questions about your experience with faith in the workplace. At the end, there are a couple of demographic questions and an opportunity to be entered in a drawing for a prize and you can also request updates on the progress with the book.

Whatever you believe about faith in daily life and the workplace, please take a few minutes to take the survey. If nothing else, you’ll help me take some action to make a positive difference in the world, and you may change a mind. You may even win $100 Amazon gift card!

Finally, would you share this post and this survey with others?  My goal is to get 2000 responses.  Once we’ve reached that goal, I’ll award the prize.  So if you’d like to win the prize, getting more folks to complete the survey will help that happen sooner.

Remember your every action defines you. Are you some  one who would make a positive difference? I hope so.